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There is still so much to discover about green plants. ANSU Plantae supplies the proof of this every day, with varieties that stand out due to their exclusiveness. Bred and propagated in Thailand, finished and supplied in the Netherlands. Standing out together!

Plantae collection


Plants that always have something special.

The varieties at ANSU Plantae are always unique. By continuously cross-breeding them, varieties are created that cannot be purchased anywhere else, and are protected by plant breeders’ rights. These varieties offer something extra to consumers. Green plants, with an exclusivity that makes the product truly ‘outstanding’. The first examples are the newly bred varieties of Tillandsia and Sansevieria.

Distinctive appearance.

Both are known products in the plant trade, but not in the varieties supplied by ANSU Plantae. With concepts that we develop ourselves, Tillandsias and Sansevierias are given a special distinctive look as well. Decorative, with the allure of a gift article, and especially unique in their market segment.

Breeding and propagation take place in Thailand, with finishing and sales being done in the Netherlands. Given the close collaboration inside ANSU Plantae, we can target our response to demand from the market, resulting in short handling times.

Take care of your green.

Care for your ANSU Plantae plants with love.

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