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ANSU Vanda is the sole European supplier of an orchid that is among the most exclusive varieties in the world. With breeding and propagation based in Thailand and marketing and sales in the Netherlands, we make our promises come true every day. Standing out together!

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Vanda, the queen of orchids.

Of the 20 thousand orchids known in the world, few have the allure of Vanda. The simple fact that Vanda has only been commercially grown in the past three decades makes it a product with the X-factor.

Since then, its exclusivity has increased. Continuous breeding has created a wide range of colours and patterns in Vanda orchids. ANSU Vanda now has over 100 varieties, each one more stunning than the next. And new varieties are constantly being added, both cut flowers and plants.

The queen of the jungle.

The plants originate from the rough south-facing flanks of the Himalayas, from India to South China. There, Vanda grows high in the treetops, with air roots that cling tightly to the trees. The plant survives on morning dew and raindrops.

In such an inhospitable place, Vanda must stand out in order to attract insects for pollination, which it does with its colours. They are unrivalled in their rich patterns, in every possible tint. Even blue, a colour that is rarely found in nature. It certainly makes Vanda the queen of the jungle.

A Thai eye for perfection.

For a long time, Vanda was an orchid that could not be commercially cultivated to the stage of a flowering plant. It is thanks to Tamlong Suphachadiwong that Vanda has grown into the world’s most appealing orchid. In Thailand he is known as the man with an unbelievably huge plant collection, housed in the company he started with his wife Heike: Suphachadiwong Orchids. With his passion, knowledge and expertise in breeding, Tamlong created a commercially interesting Vanda assortment. One that is still expanding, clearly arranged in a number of groups.

Thus, Vanda became the symbol of exclusivity in the horticultural sector. It is the orchid that is selected first for decorating important events. It is the orchid that gives five-star hotel lobbies and living rooms extra allure. It is the orchid that causes the hearts of flower lovers around the world to beat faster, with its intense colours and unusual growth habit.

Tropical flowers and plants.

Vanda plants and flowers are tropical! It is therefore important to keep plants and flowers in a warm environment.

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