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ANSU Vanda is the sole European supplier of an orchid that is among the most exclusive varieties in the world. With breeding and propagation based in Thailand and marketing and sales in the Netherlands, we make our promises come true every day. Standing out together!

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Vanda Collection.

What could possibly be added to the unique beauty of Vanda, probably the most beautiful orchid in the world? To this question ANSU Vanda has an answer: a ready-made sales concept. A flower with a matching vase. A plant in a separate arrangement. A flower or plant with an exclusive sales packaging. And ANSU Vanda supplies this added value as well, with its own concepts. They are classified into two lines, each with its own glamour. With much creativity and a large network of suppliers, we are the best partner to raise the exclusivity of Vanda to a higher level. 

Vanda Elegance Collection
In Vanda Elegance, all concepts have three recognisable colours: black, white and gold. These are precisely the colours that accentuate the natural tints of Vanda even more. And that makes the elegance of a special orchid even more ‘outstanding’.

Vanda Natural Collection
The natural beauty of Vanda can be stunningly combined with materials from nature. Genuine, sober materials that focus the attention on Vanda, and emphasise that Vanda is cultivated under entirely natural conditions.


Our Vanda Collections.

Vanda Elegance Collection.

Vanda Natural Collection.


Vanda Terra



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