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ANSU Vanda is the sole European supplier of an orchid that is among the most exclusive varieties in the world. With breeding and propagation based in Thailand and marketing and sales in the Netherlands, we make our promises come true every day. Standing out together!

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Middenzwet 22a
2291 HM Wateringen, The Netherlands
+31 (0)174 725039

Sales Vanda Flowers
- +31 (0)174 725
Sales Vanda Plants
+31 (0)174 290
Sales Green Plants - +31 (0)174 290 908 -

Steef van Adrichem

Commercial Director
Steef van Adrichem

Robbie Elgersma

Sales ANSU Vanda Flowers
Robbie Elgersma

Ed Helderman

Operational Director
Ed Helderman

Sven de Brabander

Sven de Brabander


A simple route description to the ANSU nursery. For a detailed route description, you can use our Google Maps page. NB! Your navigation system will probably show you the wrong way.

On the A4 motorway, take exit 12
After 1.6 km, turn left onto the Auction route (N222) towards Naaldwijk
After 400 m, turn right on the Middenzwet
After 300 m, take a right at the T-junction
After 300 m, Anco pure Vanda is on the left

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