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There is still so much to discover about green plants. ANSU Plantae supplies the proof of this every day, with varieties that stand out due to their exclusiveness. Bred and propagated in Thailand, finished and supplied in the Netherlands. Standing out together!

Plantae collection

ansu plantae

Care of green.

The “air plant” is certainly a strong plant. Spray this plant just 1 or 2 times a week with a little bit of water.

These are real “survivors”. These plants can survive for weeks without water. The optimal rhythm is giving them a bit of water each week. And they like brightly lit conditions.

Our great green collection.

A plant, however exclusive, is often not enough for today’s consumers. They want to be surprised by a distinctive appearance, or ease of care, or a special presentation. That is why ANSU Plantae also supplies plants with a ready-made sales concept.

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