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ANSU Vanda is the sole European supplier of an orchid that is among the most exclusive varieties in the world. With breeding and propagation based in Thailand and marketing and sales in the Netherlands, we make our promises come true every day. Standing out together!

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The best of both worlds.

Standing out together: that is what ANSU Vanda stands for. Our product is ‘outstanding’: the Vanda. It is an orchid that is classified among the rarest varieties in the world, with special colours and an unusual growth habit. Our approach is also ‘outstanding’: we combine breeding and propagation under ideal conditions in Thailand with production, marketing and sales in the Netherlands. A unique collaboration in one company, resulting in perfection at each stage.

We are the sole supplier of the exclusive orchid Vanda in Europe. Since the beginning of the 1990s, we have devoted ourselves entirely to Vanda. Its cultivation demands the highest craftsmanship, patience and perseverance. By bringing together the expertise from Thailand and the Netherlands in one company, we are able to give the world’s loveliest orchid the attention it deserves.

Origin in Thailand.

Every Vanda begins in Thailand, at the family-run company of Heike and Tamlong Suphachadiwong. Under modern conditions, the basis is laid there for new varieties. The accent in breeding is placed on longevity, productivity and new colours or patterns. But the time from seed to commercial introduction can take 15 years. The company in Thailand is also responsible for the propagation. Then the plants move to the Dutch production facilities when they are ready to flower, for further finishing and selling.

Suphachadiwong works in Thailand under conditions that comply with the European environmental standards. It was the first Thai company to receive MPS-certification. The company also offers its employees good labour conditions that are in line with the market.

Dutch company of 6 ha.

Vandas are cultivated further in the Netherlands to the flowering stage. Over a surface area of 6 ha, the climatological conditions are kept ideal for the exotic Vanda. ANSU Vanda follows a strict environmental protocol: minimal use of energy derived from our own solar panels, a maximal recirculation of water, and a minimal use of chemicals with the integrated cultivation method.

Flexible delivery
In Wateringen, ANSU Vanda grows both flowers and plants, in over 100 different varieties. The products are sent all over the world by exporters. Flexibility is key in the delivery process. Not only is it possible to fill orders in the short term, ANSU Vanda is also remarkably flexible in preparing mixed orders.

Sales concepts.

ANSU Vanda is also responsible for marketing to the international market. Buyers can take advantage of ready-made sales concepts. Social media are actively used as sales channels, contacts with internationally prominent arrangers have led to the creation of worldwide ambassadors for Vanda. Major events are decorated with Vanda, often accompanied by a flood of international publicity.

Socially responsible cultivation
ANSU Vanda works in the Netherlands with a permanent set of its own staff. They are supported by specialised temp workers. Employees can count on attention and possibilities for development. The company is certified in conformance with Global GAP, MPS-A, MPS-SQ and Plant Proof. We are also involved locally, with the sponsoring of a range of events, for example.

Ranking Vanda flowers.

Exporters and florists are assisted with appraising the assortment; ANSU Vanda was the first grower to take the initiative to establish a ranking for the varieties. Based on characteristics like longevity, availability and sensitivity to cold, exporters and florists know exactly which varieties to select that their customers will appreciate. Among the varieties there is, for example, the white Vanda ANSU No.1, the ultimate in exclusivity: it took 25 years to breed a Vanda in that colour!

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